20 November 2013 by Guy Halford-Thompson

Press Release - Introducing the new Bitcoin whitelabel platform from QuickBitcoin

20 Nov 2013 - QuickBitcoin UK is announcing the launch of its bitcoin
trading whitelabel solution, providing bitcoin merchants worldwide with
a market leading platform to sell bitcoins directly to the consumer.

For the past eight months, QuickBitcoin has established itself as a
leading provider of rapid bitcoin purchases. Customers receive bitcoins
in their wallet in an average transaction time of under 30 minutes. We
are now making the platform available as a subscription based whitelabel
solution to allow other entrepreneurs to capitalize on the enormous
demand for bitcoins using a rapid business to consumer (B2C) model.

Whilst other whitelabel products exist in the market, the QuickBitcoin
whitelabel solution is unique in its time to market (standard
installations 5 to 10 business days). The site brings proven success,
having been run commercially for the past 8 months and is ready to ship

Enquiries should be directed to [email protected]

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