05 May 2013 by Guy Halford-Thompson

Moving to Heroku

You might have noticed the site had a bit of downtime today
(interestingly, I didnt get any emails from pingdom, need to check that out). The reason for the downtime was that we were moving the site over
from a custom built AWS instance on to Heroku. While AWS provides
essentially unlimited flexibility, it was becoming an increasing pain to
maintain the server and keep it up to date. In addition to this, I am
not a sysadmin by trade, so I am pretty sure some of the Nginx configs
were not optimal.

So, today we moved the site on to Heroku. The integration was pretty
simple, but changing the DNS settings did incur a small amount of
downtime. Hopefully we will see some benefits using the Heroku platform.
Already, load tests and response times suggest the site is a bit faster.

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