17 April 2014 by Guy Halford-Thompson

Bitcoiniacs Expands Globally

The world's most successful bitcoin brokerage is setting up operations in the UK!

Bitcoiniacs and Cointrader.net, the Canadian companies that brought the world its very first Bitcoin ATM, are quietly replicating their Vancouver business around the world. Last month with a partnership in Singapore and now a joint venture in London.

The Bitcoiniacs and Cointrader.net management team partnered with the UK Company QuickBitcoin to install a Bitcoin ATM inside the centrally located and already famous e-cig and coffee shop, The Vape Lab, just a few steps from Liverpool Street station.

“We are very happy to welcome their first bitcoin ATM of the UK into our shop, we put all our efforts to keep the The vape Lab at the forefront of ingenuity and creativity” say Pierre Durand and Jonathan Cadeilhan.

"The process of buying and selling bitcoin in the UK just got much easier" says Mitchell Demeter "we now offer our clients four different ways to trade."

The new company, operating as Cointrader UK, has brought the full package: customers can use the ATM, they can make an appointment to buy or sell in person, they can buy or sell small amounts online at quickbitcoin.co.uk, or they can fund their account and trade online at Cointrader.net. They will also be hosting weekly information sessions at The Vape Lab to help new users understand the basics of this new technology.

The Bitcoin community in London is expanding rapidly as entrepreneurs from around the world build businesses around this new currency. This is the 3rd Bitcoin ATM in the city, but it’s the first full service Bitcoin company that offers multiple ways of trading and information sessions.

Cointrader UK invites everyone to come celebrate the official kick off of their European business on Tuesday, April 22nd at The Vape Lab located at 232 Shoreditch High Street between 4-10pm.

-- Hugh Halford-Thompson
Cointrader UK

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